100 Years of Choir

Since our founding in 1923, the William & Mary Choir has been proud to represent the College. Here’s a look at our early years and more recent memories.

The Beginnings

Music department 20th century records

1930s Easter Service program, including the College Choir

1940 Open House hosted by the College Choir, Women’s Glee Club, and Men’s Glee Club

1947 William and Mary Choir group photo and advertisement for spring concerts


Lists and photos of our past “Kwahfficers”

1977-1978 President and Social Chairs at a social event

1984-1985 List of choir officers

2006-2007 Choir officers

Welcoming New Members

Introductions, Clue Week, Revelation: Traditions that evolve and endure

1984-1985 Introductions with name three times

1984-1985 Clue Week

2006-2007 Clue Week Revelation


A busy weekend for the Choir

1977-1978 Thank-you letter from the Society of the Alumni for Homecoming performance

1984-1985 Alumni Reception

1994-1995 Homecoming float

2006-2007 Homecoming float and concert

Winter Festivities

Yule Log, Choir’s current favorite tradition, along with the Winter Concert and caroling

1977-1978 Christmas Concert rehearsals

1977-1978 Christmas Concert newspaper clippings

1977-1978 Yule Log Ceremony

1994-1995 Yule Log Ceremony and caroling in Colonial Williamsburg

2006-2007 Yule Log Ceremony and caroling

Charter Day

1977-1978 Charter Day

2006-2007 Charter Day

Domestic Tour

An annual Choir event to visit stops throughout Virginia and along the East Coast

1977-1978 Preparation for tour departure

1977-1978 Tour schedule

1984-1985 Tour expectations and logistics

1994-1995 Tour bus and performance

2006-2007 Tour performance highlights

Domestic Tour Awards

An enduring tradition with awards for all

1984-1985 Tour awards

1994-1995 Choir members receiving awards

2016-2017 Planning of traditional awards

And many, many more fun memories…

1977-1978 Football game on the Sunken Garden

1977-1978 Choir Banquet

1994-1995 Birthday celebration in Ewell 151

1994-1995 Laser tag and bounce house fun

2006-2007 Queen Elizabeth II visit to William & Mary

Many thanks to Special Collections for access to these records and scrapbooks

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